Walking Into Your Destiny

Maybe you saw this video on social media the other day. His name is Chuck. And he walks people. It’s like a dog walker, but for humans. He literally walks humans. Watch the video and it will make perfect sense…maybe.



So, I like to walk. And I like other humans. What better way to earn some extra cash than by as a people walker! Sounds right up my alley. Finally, I’ve found my calling!

But then I looked again. Chuck is 6’2”, 235. You know, there’s probably a reason he’s so good at people walking. The video and the article didn’t say so, but I’m guessing his big selling point is that any would-be attackers are scared off by Chuck’s presence. Chuck doesn’t just “walk people,” he’s a bit of a bodyguard.

I like to walk, but I’m not 6’2”, 235. I can probably get up to 235, but I’ll never be 6’2”. My résumé has different advantages. My skill set is less Navy Seals and more Old Navy sales rep.

But I digress.

I thought about trying out for a people walking gig for about two minutes. Then I realized it wasn’t my destiny. A lot of us are looking for our destiny, aren’t we? We’re looking for that perfect fit. We’re trying to find that one thing we do better than anything else, fills our passion bucket, and gives us the opportunity to earn a living. If that’s where you think your destiny lies, then there are ways of making that happen.

But here’s the deal – your destiny will never contradict your design. I’m not designed to be a body-guarding, people-walking, beard-bearing “Chuck.” I’m a Chris. I’ve figured out that sticking my nose in books and turning thoughts into words into actions is more my design. So I’m betting all I have on that. I’m putting all my stock in the destiny of my design.

Find your design. Then, gamble everything you have in life – every last dream – on that being your destiny. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And if you are designed for “people walking,” then all the better! I’ll gladly pay you $7 a mile for the company.

What job did you really want to do only to find out later you weren’t a good fit for? How can you better understand your design to fit your destiny?