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Book Review: 50 Core Truths of the Christian Faith, by Gregg Allison

The problem with most theology books is accessibility. Whether it’s the jargon, the heady material, or the large page count, for the average Christian reader who just wants to understand God better the theology book shelf gets pretty bare. The option is usually theology lite. Picking up books that are weighted more towards theological platitudes […]

Book Review: Open to the Spirit, by Scot McKnight

Full disclosure: I grew up in a Pentecostal church with a decidedly charismatic bent. I remember hearing older saints cry out in the middle of service in an “unknown tongue” and then wait while someone else declares the “translation.” It was normal for me, but eventually I learned it wasn’t normal for everyone. Scot McKnight […]

Book Review: After Acts, by Bryan Litfin

Have you ever watched a movie based on true events? At the end they run an image of each main character and give you a short sentence or two about what they’ve been up to since the story ended. Or maybe you’ve seen those “Where are they now?” segments in magazines or on TV. We […]

Book Review: Paul and His Team, by Ryan Lokkesmoe

“What does the Bible say about leadership?” All too often that question is never answered. The question that’s actually answered is, “How can I use the Bible to support this latest leadership principle that I want to promote?” That’s not the case with Ryan Lokkesmoe’s book, Paul and His Team: What the Early Church Can Teach […]

Book Review: The Burden is Light, by Jon Tyson

Get this book! Well, not now. Because it doesn’t come out until March 2018. But when it does – Get this book! In The Burden is Light, Jon Tyson wants to help you live a life free from the tyranny of performance so so-called success. And it all comes down to living well and avoiding “misliving.” […]

Stressed Out???

Are you feeling stressed out today? Are you overwhelmed and overloaded? Do you feel underpaid, underappreciated, or just under water? Guess what? That’s completely normal. Stress is not unnatural and it’s not uncommon. We all feel stress. In fact, most of us have a feeling of stress at all times. Stress is just another name […]

Mountains, Trees, and the “Shouldn’t Bes”

There are some things in life that just shouldn’t be. A mustard stain on your tie right before a big interview. A dent on your passenger side door even though you parked it in the back forty. Tortilla chips without salsa or crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth. How about size 32 pants on a […]