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From a young age we’re told the requirements. Homework that’s required at school. An entrance exam required for that job you want. Or the wedding vows, required to prove your commitment. For Micah the prophet, life in the community of God required something. It wasn’t sacrifices and offerings, right doctrine and theology. It was much […]

Greater Than

So there was this guy named Nathan (His real name was Nathanael, but everyone named Nathanael nowadays goes by Nathan, or Nate). When he first heard about Jesus right away he was like, “Um, no. That guy is from Nazareth and we all know that nothing good comes from that nothing town.” But somehow Jesus […]

Walking Into Your Destiny

Maybe you saw this video on social media the other day. His name is Chuck. And he walks people. It’s like a dog walker, but for humans. He literally walks humans. Watch the video and it will make perfect sense…maybe.     So, I like to walk. And I like other humans. What better way to […]

A Motto That Means Something

Last week I talked about a Motto That’s On Mission, and basically I said that your mission statement is too long – shorten it to a motto that is easily digestible for your audience. This week I want to continue with that idea of motto, but in a different direction. About mottos that mean something […]

The Manager In Your Mind

You know when you go to a restaurant and there’s a wait. You go up to the host and ask how long the wait will be. What do they say? They say the same thing every time, right? “It’ll be about ten or fifteen minutes.” Somehow they’ve decided that people are willing to wait ten […]

Benefit of the Doubt

During my first stint in full-time ministry I ran into a problem. Actually, I ran into a “problem person.” I had a volunteer that had an attitude problem. It came to a head one Sunday morning when she cornered my wife and spewed hate at her for no reason. That next week I talked to […]

A Motto That’s On Mission

If you’ve been in ministry for a while you’ve probably heard the importance of a good mission statement. Guy Kawasaki in his book The Art of the Start says you’re wrong. You don’t need a good mission statement – you just need a motto. He suggests we replace “highfalutin, all-encompassing” mission statements with short, easily […]

The Best Part of Getting Lost

I love road trip! Probably because I love having long conversations with someone else, and that usually happens on a road trip. You’re stuck in a car for ten, twelve hours. What else are you going to do? And that’s what was going on a few years ago when we got lost. Here’s how it […]

Like a Fast Food Menu

America is the land of opportunity. It’s a place where any man, woman, or child has the chance to choose from a nearly endless selection of options. Want proof? Just go into one of your local fast food restaurants and you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of options and opportunities are available. Fries or onion […]

Feel the Need

I know there are a ton of different ways to plan your preaching calendar. Some love to take a book of the Bible and go verse-by-verse. Others like to make a list of doctrines and cross them off as they go through the year, making sure they cover each topic at least once. One approach […]