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It’s Notes or Nothing!

I heard a pastor the other talk about how he goes onto stage each week to talk to his church without notes. He walks up with nothing but the Bible in hand and the mic over his ear. He was proud of this. He even called notes “a crutch.” In his mind, using notes was […]

Digging Up the Seed

Let me tell you a story. Two farmers went out to plant crops. They both painstakingly prepared the ground, removing rocks and debris or weeds that could hinder growth. Then they carefully arranged the seed, making sure to plant them in the most productive patterns. The sun shined down on the ground and the rain […]

Between Fear and Freedom

What are you afraid of? I’m afraid of heights. Well, it’s not really heights I’m afraid of, it’s falling from heights. And in fact, the falling isn’t too bad. Falling can be fun, especially if it’s into something soft. It’s falling onto something hard that I don’t like. Yeah, so I’m afraid of landing. And […]

Shame and the Art of Lawn Maintenance

I love taking care of my lawn. The mowing, the fertilizing, the seeding – all of it. I get great gratification in making my grass shorter, my edges sharper. My lawn fills me with a sense of pride. I probably can’t say the same for my neighbors. They don’t seem to care much about their […]

How To Tell Great Stories: 3 Ingredients

If you’re going to talk, please tell us something interesting. The best way to make your talk interesting is to tell a story. Since we were cavemen scratching lines on the walls of caves, we have been storytellers. And the best messages are those that include great stories. Storytelling is vital to any message. And […]

The Worst Most Wonderful

My dog is the worst. This summer she dug up flowers, tomato plants, and part of a tree stump. Then, while tossing her a Frisbee, she went rogue and tore up that too! She’s the worst! She shreds her tennis balls, dumps our trash, and barks at the slightest sound from outside. My dog is […]

Words that Work

It’s been about a year since Robin Williams left us. Many people still miss him. Not just his humor but his amazing words that encouraged us and made us dream big. One quote from him that’s been circulating lately is not his, it’s his character’s from Dead Poets Society: “No matter what anybody tells you, […]

How To Read a Book

If you’re like me, you’ve got a stack of books just waiting to be read. And there’s nothing more satisfying than that last page. You close it up and put it back on your bookshelf. But what happens then? Did you really understand what you read? And how can you use what you learned? For […]