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How To Do Almost Anything

What do you want to do? Wait – never mind, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you want to do – that big idea you’ve got – the sad truth is that it probably won’t happen. Ideas are great! But most ideas either never get off the ground because we don’t know the first thing to do […]

Discipline Leads to Discipline

A friend of mine is working on his doctorate. Okay, a lot of friends of mine are working on their doctorate. But this story is about a particular friend of mine. His wife told us that he takes one day a week – one full day – usually Thursday, and spends the entire day on […]

Welcome to the Gap

We’ve all been there. As pastors, speakers, and communicators we study all week, planning and praying, writing and editing, and even some of us rehearse what we’ll say on Sunday morning. Then the day arrives. We put all our heart and soul into the message and fifteen minutes later – it never fails – someone […]

A Person, Not a Project

I tried growing a beard one time. Tried. Let me just say, I’m not sure what kind of genes kept me from sprouting a full on beard, but I suspect it’s the 1/16 Native American that all of us Oklahomans claim to have in us. And it’s not like I’m all peach fuzzy or anything. […]

Building Teams That Work

LeBron James said it best: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” If you don’t already have a team that helps you with creative ideas or message content, you need to start. Two are better than one, and other people bring insight you’ve never even thought of. But not every team works. Over the course of my […]

A Lesson from the Dancing Girl

A couple weeks back I took the family to the Springfield Cardinals game for July 4. Not because of my family’s love of baseball, but because there was a free concert and fireworks show afterwards. (Though the point of calling a concert “free” for people who have already paid escapes me.) Following the last out, […]

It Only Takes a Spark

Every week there’s a Sunday. It’s guaranteed. But what we can’t guarantee is that you’ll have a spark of inspiration every week. So how do you keep your messages fresh week after week without running dry in the inspiration well? Fresh inspiration gives you the fuel to make your message matter to people each week. […]

I’m Rooting for Alex Rodriguez

I’m rooting for Alex Rodriguez. He’s batting .284 with a .513 Slugging Percentage. He has 16 home runs to go along with 12 doubles at the halfway point of the season. The Yankee’s designated hitter should be an All Star, but most think he doesn’t deserve to even play the game. But not me. I’m […]

The Strong Struggle

I recently started working out…again. This is about the 38th time that I’ve started. But this time I’m committed…to last at least a week. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle at it. I struggle with lifting weights and the proper form. I struggle with motivating myself to go down in my basement […]

Isn’t it Ironic…Dontcha Think?

Back in 1995, Alanis Morissette sang Ironic. Unfortunately, the only ironic thing about it was that it wasn’t ironic. Take a look at some of the lines: It’s like rain on your wedding day – That’s an inconvenience, not irony A free ride when you’ve already paid – Just ask for a refund Good advice […]