Chris Colvin loves turning thoughts into words into actions. He’s been involved in ministry in some way or another for over 20 years and has spent the last ten or so of those helping pastors as a Content Research Consultant.

Chris grew up in Oklahoma but now lives in Springfield, MO with his wonderful wife Melisa and two amazing kids. He loves reading detective novels, spending time with friends, and hunting down the perfect hot fudge sundae.

On this site you’ll find him turning his own thoughts into words. He hopes they inspire you to do great things. He also shares advice about writing sermons and how to make every message matter. Chris is an accomplished speaker. Beginning at the age of 16, he’s preached in churches of different sizes, shapes, and colors. He’s ministered all over the US and even overseas. He really just loves talking about Jesus.

Chris holds an MA in Religious Studies from Missouri State University with an undergrad degree in Pastoral Ministries and Biblical Studies at Evangel University. He’ll admit that in his free time he often reads academic books for fun…though he’s trying to cut back.

“Thanks for visiting my website! I love connecting with people who have great ideas they want to turn into words that inspire action.”