Book Review: The Burden is Light, by Jon Tyson

Get this book! Well, not now. Because it doesn’t come out until March 2018. But when it does – Get this book!

In The Burden is Light, Jon Tyson wants to help you live a life free from the tyranny of performance so so-called success. And it all comes down to living well and avoiding “misliving.”

How we live reveals what we truly believe; everything else is just talk.

Tyson covers 8 main ideas that hold us back from living the life God intends for us, and each is intricately tied into the cultural pressures of performing to a specific standard or meeting an external measurement of success. Instead, we should embrace an alternative model, one that is exemplified in the life of Jesus.

Those 8 cultural pressures and their alternatives are…

Comparison / Calling

Competition / Compassion

Control / Surrender

Complacency / Passion

Judgment / Mercy

Pride / Humility

Distraction / Presence

Take a look at that list. If you have an issue with even one of those areas, this book is for you. It’s a great book to read with a group of people, or just take a chapter at a time over a week or a month or two months. Go deep in the area that you need help in most. This book is set up just for that.

And go tell Jon Tyson how much you enjoyed it. I know I will!

Disclaimer: The publisher provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.