I Help You Turn Thoughts Into Words Into Actions

My passion is helping people tell their stories. Taking their thoughts and ideas and turning them into words that inspire people to action! That’s what I’m all about.

I Give You The Time You Need

We could all use more time to do sermon research and preparation. So why not let someone else help carry the load? With me by your side, you can increase your capacity 10 to 15 hours or even 20 extra hours each week! That means you spend more time doing other important tasks, like leading your team and casting vision.

I Bring Experience and Quality to Your Message

With over 20 years of ministry, I know the challenges pastors face on a weekly basis. I have served churches of different sizes, shapes, and ages. For the last few years, I have been working exclusively with pastors to help them improve their messages by providing great content research in a creative manner.

In my work with hundreds of pastors I commonly hear the frustration “I don’t have the time I need to put into sermon prep with all the other priorities in ministry.” Chris Colvin is a creative and competent writer who helps pastors take their ideas to the next level so their ministry can have a greater impact.

Brad SpragueLeadership Coach, BradSprague.com

Chris Colvin saves me hours of time in research and content formulation. I highly recommend Chris to any pastor who wants to spend more time developing the vision of their ministry and less time in research.

Alex HimayaSenior Pastor, TheChurch.at

Chris Colvin is a phenomenal speaker in his own right. His creative and compelling messages have always captivated me. Now he is coming alongside busy pastors to help them develop sermons that have the same depth of biblical insight and creative elements. This is an exceptional opportunity for the busy pastor to receive high quality, customized assistance in the preparation of sermons.

Doug Oss, PhDDirector of the Cordas C. Burnett Center for Biblical Preaching, AGTS


Get a leg up on your sermon preparation with blocks of weekly research. I research sermon topics, provide exegetical studies, review and critique books, or any other form of research you need. Use the weekly research time for your own writing, or for staff and leadership enrichment.


Make the most out of every message with content and communication consulting. Maybe you need fresh perspective or some creative ideas on how to turn your thoughts into words into actions. Or maybe you’re looking to help take the communicators on your staff to the next level. Consultation available in weekly blocks of time or by appointment.


Full-service sermon preparation includes researching topics, consulting about sermon and series ideas, as well as creating custom content for each week. I collaborate directly with the pastor to ensure each message fits the mission and vision of the church and reflects their unique ideas. Click here to read more about the three levels of sermon preparation available.

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“My passion is helping people tell their stories. Taking their thoughts and ideas and turning them into words that inspire people to action! That’s what I’m all about.”