How To Do Almost Anything

What do you want to do? Wait – never mind, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you want to do – that big idea you’ve got – the sad truth is that it probably won’t happen. Ideas are great! But most ideas either never get off the ground because we don’t know the first thing to do with them, or they get shot down in flames when they hit the first winds of opposition.

I love big ideas, and I love people with big ideas. I love hearing what people want to do with their lives – it doesn’t matter what it is, I love seeing people make their dreams come true. So let me show you how to turn those ideas into reality. Here are 4 Steps to Do Almost Anything!


Do you dream? I have some of the most vivid dreams, especially when I’m really tired. I don’t buy into the dream psychology about meanings and signs. But I do love dreams! They’re like little sparks of our subconscious poking through to our conscious brains, trying to push ideas to the forefront. And when they explode, it’s amazing!

Set aside time to dream – and dream big! Don’t hold back; let the horizon be your boundary. Think of the most incredible thing you want to accomplish and don’t worry about the details. Just dream it!

#2 – GOAL IT

Okay, now you’ve got that dream. But it’s just a dream. I’m sorry to tell you this, but dreams don’t do anything. They just sit there in your mind. And if your mind is like my mind, it often gets distracted by the next big dream. So now, next step, turn that dream into a goal.

Write down your dream, and then do some research about it. Find out who else is doing what you’re dreaming of doing and figure out how they did it. Remember when I said don’t worry about the details? Well, here’s where you worry about the details.

What’s your next step? Do you need to get more education, more funds, or even more influence before it can move along? Maybe you have to sell your house and move to make it happen. Putting those things down on paper is what goal setting is really all about.


Now comes the tricky part. You’ve turned your dreams into goals, but so many people stop there. They now have a goal, but it’s not much more useful than a dream. The key is to schedule time every day to make it happen.

I heard a story about John Grisham, the famous author. He was a lawyer and hated being a lawyer so he decided he wanted to be a writer (DREAM). So, he figured out he needed to sit down at his typewriter and just write, that was the best way to become an author (GOAL). But he was so busy being a lawyer, how was he going to do it?

He decided to set aside one hour every morning before work to just work on writing. No matter how much or how little got done – one hour. Every day. And soon enough he had his first manuscript. And the rest is history!

Take your goals and schedule time on your calendar to do them. And then guard that calendar space! Don’t let anything else in that little square!

#4 – DO IT

We’ve dreamed big, set some goals, and even scheduled them. But we haven’t done anything yet, right? Goals without actions are just good ideas. They don’t do anything. We are responsible for making our dreams come true.

So what’s next? Do it. That’s it, just do it. Just get up, get out of bed or off you couch and do it!

And here’s the cool thing. Are you ready? You’re now doing whatever it is you want to do. If you want to be a writer – dream about that story, set some goals for your manuscripts, schedule time to write, and then DO IT! You want to be a baseball player – dream about the big leagues, set some goals for your training, schedule time to hit the diamond, and then DO IT!

Just like that, you’re doing whatever it is you want to do. It doesn’t matter how big or small, that idea you have is going to catch wings and fly!

What are some dreams you’ve had that never got off the ground? How can you go back and give them wings?